Hearth and Home Ltd


At Hearth & Home Ltd, we offer a range of quality fireplace accessories for customers in Sheffield. Visit us to pick out your ideal one.


Quality firescreens and surrounds

You can improve the look and functionality of your fireplace with a wide range of accessories. At Hearth & Home Ltd, we stock excellent fireplace accessories from leading brands. You will find some of the most essential accessories at our store in Sheffield.

Fireplace accessories we supply and install

  • Companion Sets
  • Heat Powered Stove Fans
  • Fireguards and Spark Screens
  • Hearth Tidies
  • Individual pokers, coal tongues and brushes
  • Coal buckets and hods
  • Firelighters and stove glass cleaner
Stove Installations
Heat Powered Stove Fans
Firelighters and stove glass cleaner

Keep your fireplace looking the business

With a range of quality accessories and spares, you can enhance the practicality of your fireplace and reap the benefits of having one. When the weather is chilly, your guests will love huddling around a beautiful fireplace that has everything to hand and if your fire or fireplace is looking tired, we stock a range of helpful extras to make your fire look brand new. We have door seals for stove, slate oil for hearths and grate polish for fireplaces to name a few.