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Wood Burning and Multi-Fuel Stoves

At Hearth & Home Ltd, we install traditional and contemporary stoves including wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves to customers across Sheffield. Contact us to book an appointment.

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Wood and Multi-fuel stoves come with a variety of options that are practical and economical for the customer. Some of the designs are equipped with ultra-green combustion technology, keeping emissions exceptionally low.

Clock Woodburners

British and Scandinavian

At Hearth and Home we have over 50 stoves on display in our London Road showroom. We stock a number of stove brands from the finest British manufacturers such as Chilli Penguin, Clock and Esse to fantastic international brands like Heta and Dovre.

A complete list of brands we deal with are;

  • Chilli Penguin
  • Heta
  • Clock Woodburners
  • Dunsley Heat
  • Stovax
  • Burley
  • Pevex
  • Henley Stoves
  • Hunter & Parkray
  • MI Flues
  • Woodford Collection
  • Cast-Tec
  • Termatech
  • Castle Stoves
  • Ekol
  • Saltfire
  • Arada
  • Hamlet

Improve energy efficiency

Multi-fuel stoves are not only a great addition to your property in terms of a standout focal point but they can also help you save on energy too. All the wood and multi-fuel stoves we stock are designed to save energy whilst providing optimal heating. All the stoves we have on display are DEFRA approved for smoke control areas by maximising both Secondary and Tertiary burning to turn more of the fuel in to heat rather than ash and emissions. With the new regulations that came in to force in January 2022, all stoves have been re-tested and are now Eco Design. This means they emit less particulate matter and have lower emission outputs of Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxide and Hydro Carbons.

Hunter & Parkray
Ekol & Saltfire

Reduce fuel costs

By choosing the right stove and burning the correct fuel for your lifestyle will help reduce the costs of heating your home. By burning quality seasoned or kiln dried hardwood along with a good smokeless fuel option, you can truly create an efficient heat source for your home and cut down on your central heating costs and the burning of fossil fuels.